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Pascal Lejeune biographical presentation

This Canadian artist's musical career started out six years ago when he first started to play his songs in front of audiences. People quickly noticed his talent, and he fared well in a number of song writing contests, collecting numerous awards and prizes along the way. These honours gave him the opportunity to tour Canada and to do shows in France and Belgium, but after all these successes, he set his sights elsewhere. Instead of singing songs, he decided to open a café in a small New Brunswick village, where he hosted shows for a couple years. His love of music was always there, and in 2006, he came back to his first love. He found a manager, and started a brand new career. Since his artistic rebirth early 2007, he toured in Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Slovenia.

His busy touring schedule gave him the reputation in Eastern Canada of being one of the most promising and solid French language songwriters. He released his first album in 2007, titled Le commun des bordels, a recording that caught the attention of many critics and major players in the music business, such as Putumayo, a New York record label that featured one of his songs on a compilation and Canon, who recently used one of his songs in a televised advertisement. His second album, Adelaïde, was launched in August 2009 in New Brunswick and in September in Montreal. His music supports his strength: his lyrical content. He talks about love, deception, attraction, and many other topics and he'll inevitably bring his audience into his own little universe... and when he explains his songs and music in English, you will find him sweet... In 2012, he released his 3rd album, Le bruit des machines.


Le bruit des machines - Pascal Lejeune 3rd album (2012)

Acadian singer songwriter Pascal Lejeune is releasing his 3rd CD, Le bruit des machines in July. Highly anticipated on the francophone music scene and definitely more rock than its predecessors, this third album shows an important musical turning point for this artist from Pointe-Verte in northern NB. “I wanted to play something that moved and shaked a little bit more than what I’ve done before. I’ve always loved playing rock n’ roll and I wanted to have fun with this, to get my electric guitars out and play with a band, explains Pascal. This record is definitely the most adventurous of the three. It’s the type of album you want to listen to in your car, on a road trip!” One can clearly hear the rock influence on the tracks 33 jours et 33 nuits, Orage mécanique and Bang Bang. Mon bébé, ma Cadillac and Stone comme une roche are a little bit more country whereas J’embraie pu is more blues rock. Pascal, however, remains true to himself with his well crafted lyrics such as En attendant le bonheur and Jusqu’au dernier Je t’aime. This last track is performed acoustically on the album. The musicians accompanying Pascal on this album as well are his longtime friend and musical accomplice, John Boulay (acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, voice); Nicolas Boudreau (bass, voice); Denis Hachey (keys, voice); and Luc Roy (drums). We can also hear the voice of Joseph Edgar on a few tracks. The album was recorded at the studio Belivo in Grand-Barachois, NB, in April. The sound engineering was done by Jocelyn “Joe” Gagné, mixing by Ryan Batistuzzi and mastering by Marc Thériault (Le Lab mastering). The cover was designed by Branch Graphic Design who was inspired by drawings of the “Continuous Cloth Pressing Machine” invented by Ernst Gessner (1859-1897). Le bruit des machines is a production of Carol Doucet.

Adélaïde - Pascal Lejeune's 2nd album (2009)

Pascal Lejeune released in August 2009 his second album, Adélaïde. With original compositions, incisive lyrics and contemporary folk sounds, the artist continues in the same successful vein as his first album,
Le commun des bordels (August 2007). With this new opus, he refines his style, pushes his creativity, and establishes his talent for manipulating both music and words. Pascal Lejeune is front and centre on the Francophone music scene in the Atlantic Region and further still. This second album has allowed Pascal to solidify the foundation of his career, already well under way, as a writer-composer-performer. He explains, "I really took my work seriously, from the beginning of the creation process, and from writing to recording in the studio. It was important that I make a product that would exceed the expectations of all those who had listened to and enjoyed my first album."

With Adélaïde a dream came true for Pascal Lejeune: to work with Yves Desrosiers, a producer from Quebec. This was an enriching experience for him and he admits having learned enormously with this absolutely unique and extraordinary producer, "He brought the musical and artistic depth that I had hoped to reach in this project. I knew that he could bring me where I wanted to be." Yves Desrosiers is more particularly known for producing, among others, Bia's self-titled album (2002), Richard Desjardins' Kanasuta, Frederic Gary Comeau's Hungry Ghosts, and Jesczce Raz' Balagane. He is also an author-composer-performer and has a few albums of his own. Adélaïde was recorded in Montreal during April and May 2009. His stay there allowed him to bring it all together, "Montreal is a happening place. Just strolling along the streets and going to shows helped me refuel inspiration wise. All the ideas I was stocking up were directly related to music, to my album, and the stage." With its 12 original pieces, Adélaïde is made up of songs written on the road in 2008 during his tour across Canada. Thanks to a grant from the NB Arts Board, many other songs were composed in January and February 2009 while Pascal spent this time entirely immersed in his creative process. Both music and lyrics are by Pascal Lejeune, except for La ballade du daltonien that was written by Julie Doucet and Monsieur Pierre for whose lyrics Pascal collaborated with musician-author-composer Jesse Mea.

Giving birth to an album is far from being a solitary activity. Luckily, Pascal Lejeune was able to surround himself with very talented people. Yves Desrosiers plays guitars, organ, harmonium, banjo, harmonica, piano, lap steel guitar, accordion, percussion, and voice. The other musicians are Mario Légaré on bass and contrabass, Marie-Soleil Bélanger on violin, François Lalonde on snare drum and percussion, Claude Fradette on dobro, Gilles Brisebois on bass, François Richard on piano and organ/ leslie, Benoît Paradis on trombone and trumpet, Didier Dumoutier on accordion, Pierre-André Thériault on banjo, and Marie-Anne Arsenealt on voice. As for Pascal Lejeune, he plays guitar, percussion, and the bombard. Yves Desrosiers produced Adélaïde and worked together with Pascal Lejeune on the musical arrangements. The album was recorded and mixed at Dr. Weld's studio by Yves Desrosiers. Disk mastering was done by Guy Hébert at Karisma studios. The sleeve art was created by the Raymond Martin, an Acadian artist from Moncton, and the design was developed by Branch Graphic Design. Adélaïde is distributed in Canada at record dealers by Distribution Plages. You can also purchase it via For more information concerning Pascal Lejeune please visit his website at

Touring cities: Around 250 shows presented in...

New Brunswick: Madran, Caraquet, Moncton, Tracadie-Sheila, Grand Falls, St John, Campbellton, Petit-Rocher, Fredericton, Miscou, Shediac, Shippagan, Bathurst, Dieppe, Bouctouche, Miramichi, Memramcook
PEI: Charlottetown
Nova Scotia: Dartmouth, Baie Ste-Marie, Pointe-de-l'Église
Quebec: Tadoussac, Granby, Montreal, Quebec, Rouyn-Noranda, Port Quartier, Fermont, Havre-St-Pierre, Aguanish, Baie-Comeau, Amqui, Saint-Fabien, Pohénégamook, Petite-Vallée, L'Anse-à-Beaufils, Ste-Anne-des-Monts, Carleton, Île d'Orléans, Lotbinière, Pont-Rouge, Rimouski
Ontario: Ottawa, Sudbury, Chapleau, Hearst, Toronto, Penetanguishene
British Columbia: Coquitlam
Alberta: Sudbury, Calgary, Lethbridge, St-Isidore, Bonnyville, Fort McMurry
Saskatchewan: Saskatoon, Gravelbourg
Manitoba: Winnipeg
France: Saint-Etienne Grenoble, Montauban, Capbreton, Paris, Montbonnot
Belgium: Charleroi, Brussels
Slovenia: Ljubljana
Suitzerland: Pully, Zurich


Le bruit des machines (2012)
Poducers: Pascal Lejeune + Joseph Edgar
Distribution Plages:
Release date: July 11 2012

Producer: Yves Desrosiers
Distribution Plages:
Release date: August 12, 2009

Le commun des bordels (2007)
Producer: Marc Chops Arsenault
Distribution Plages:
Release date: August 9, 2007

Acoustic France (2008)
Pascal Lejeune's song "Bilingue in Paris" is part of the compilation Acoustic France from Putumayo
Release date: 2008 (in 160 countries)
1. Les Escrocs - Assedic
2. Thomas Dutronc - J'suis pas d'ici
3. Sandrine Kiberlain - Le quotidien
4. Pascal Lejeune - Bilingue in Paris
5. JP Nataf - Mon ami d'en haut
6. Constance Amiot - Clash dans le tempo
7. Gordon Sanchez - Les aléas de l'hiver
8. Carla Bruni - Raphaël
9. Rose - Sombre con
10. Gérard Pitiot - Couplet de la rue de Bagnolet
11. Romane - Passion
12. Rupa & The April Fishes - Maintenant

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